KDCA Cultural Village
31 Jan 2018 - KCV Hongkod Koisaan, Penampang

What is Koisaan Cultural Village?

Koisaan Cultural Village tour is located Hongkod Koisaan, KM8, Road Penampang. The village operates as a museum that preserves Kadazandusun ethnic culture. It aims to share the knowledge, history, culture, and tradition of Kadazandusun with you so that it is not forgotten.

The tour offers you the opportunity to see and experience the culture and lifestyle of how the indigenous ethnic groups of Kadazandusun used to live in the olden days when electricity had not yet been introduced in their land.

The village features 11 different ethnic tribes houses in one village. They are  The Penampang Traditional House, The Tenom Traditional House, The Beaufort Traditional House, The Kota Belud Traditional House, The Kuala Penyu Traditional House, The Keningau Traditional House, The Tambunan Traditional House, The Papar Traditional House, The Ranau Traditional House, The Tuaran Traditional House and The Kudat Traditional House.

If Culture and Education are your Passion, KOISAAN CULTURAL VILLAGE is your Destination, a MUST VISIT.


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